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Writer's Guideline

ICE Today is a full-spectrum city and lifestyle magazine that takes an insightful look at how our community is evolving home and abroad, keeps abreast of key movers and shakers and covers the fashion, home, cuisine, travel, health and beauty, events and arts of Dhaka city for nationals of Bangladesh as well as Non Resident Bangladeshis living abroad.

We appreciate concepts and articles that you would like to submit for consideration to ICE Today magazine. We rely on writers to think of trendy and innovative ways of reaching out to readers in the fields of fashion, style, food, travel, interviews, gadgets, etc. Every issue has a different theme, and we expect writers to brainstorm ideas and think of stories (cover stories) to go with the theme of the magazine.

Thus, interested writers may contribute pieces while pertaining to conditions below:

Writing Style

  1. All articles should be written in very good English, thoroughly proofread so that there are minimal or no grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes.
  2. Only British spelling is used in ICE Today.
  3. Only single inverted comas ('…') are used for quotation marks.
  4. With each article, the title (which may be changed later) with the writer's name, and a blurb (highlight of the article in 2-3lines) should be submitted.
  5. Each article that is 1 page long should be a minimum of 500 words, and that which is 2 pages long should be a minimum of 700 words long.
  6. Try to keep paragraphs short, with headings of multiple paragraph(s) in bold.
  7. Use headlines that catch people's eyes as they skim the editorial.
  8. Use smooth-flowing syntax, parallel structure, and good sentence structure.
  9. Refer to the source of your article if you use someone else's idea, quotations, etc. Refrain from stating someone else's idea as yours! This will be considered a major breach of contract!

Publishing Guidelines

  1. For articles, only attachments in Microsoft Office's proprietary .doc or .docx formats are encouraged.
  2. For article concepts, compose them into an Office Document using the bullet format as much as possible and send them as attachments. Include your name, address, phone number, and postal address on your emailed submission.
  3. Email articles and concepts to: icetoday@gmail.com
  4. We are critical of all work sent in and expect accurate, professional work that's insightful and reflects the magazine's national reach.
  5. ICE Today requires writer's flexibility to amend content for an optimized layout. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit submissions for publication due to space constraints, grammatical incorrectness, poor writing quality, lack of clarity, etc. Nearly all articles undergo extensive editing and rewriting, and ICE Today typically holds copyright on the finished product. Authors continue to own the underlying ideas in the article.
  6. All article submissions to ICE Today are deemed permissible to print in full or part.
  7. Although an experience-laden resume is not required, if available include concise descriptions of previous writing experience and assignments, along with copies and/or web links to your published work(s).
  8. ICE Today generally compensates for assignments it specifically assigns to writers. All other submissions selected for publication in a particular issue of ICE Today are usually compensated in post-edit word limit basis.
  9. Regarding the remunerations (Not to be included in the web version of the Writers' Guideline): The contributors generally receive Tk 1.5 per word. However, in case of expert opinions: the payment of the guest writer will vary depending on the length of the writer.

Submitting Queries

Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted. ICE Today: The Magazine does not publish syndicated columns or stories that have run in other publications. All features, cover stories and profiles published in ICE Today are original materials written exclusively for ICE Media Ltd and exclusively assigned by the editor of ICE Today.

Representations & Warranties of the Writer

By submitting an Article to ICE TODAY Magazine the writer represents and warrants that the Article is the Writer's original work, that the Article is not owned by any third party, that the Article is accurate, that the Article has not been obtained by unlawful means, and that publication of the article by ICE Today will not violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party.

Publication Rights

ICE Today purchases all print and electronic rights to all assigned articles. We purchase first print right, electronic rights and exclusive reprint rights to articles submitted on speculation.

How to Contact Us

All queries and any questions concerning these Writers' Guidelines or other editorial policies should be directed to Editorial via e-mail at info@icetoday.net. All submissions should be sent directly to the attention of the editor.