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Media Kit for ICE Media Ltd

How to Order a Display Ad

To reserve space for a display ad, call or e-mail our Marketing Department or send the reservation and material directly through our Web site, icemedia.net. To learn more about this service, or to place an ad through Customer Order Fulfill- ment (COF), you can contact one of our representatives from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm , Sunday through Thursday, and

Telephone: (+8802)-----------


When you call COF, a Ice Media ltd marketing representative(IMR) will handle your request. The IMR will take your ad information, which must include size, date, edition and position request, if applicable. The IMR will assign a reservation number to your ad and provide the ad cost. Service will be expedited if you have your contract number ready. If you do not have a contract number, the IMR can assign one. Please make sure to retain the reservation number; all materials and insertions submitted for publication must include a reservation number. An insertion order must be prepared by the advertiser/agency for each advertisement, and should include the following:

  • Reservation number
  • Contract number and name of advertiser (and agency, if applicable)
  • Billing address
  • Day and date of insertion
  • Section or position request
  • Size and cost of ad
  • Description of ad (i.e., headline)
  • Contact name and phone number
No endorsement, statement or disclaimer on any insertion order or letter shall act as an accord or satisfaction, or as a waiver of any terms or conditions stated in this rate card or other Times's policies unless and until it is accepted by Ice Media Ltd by a separate written agreement signed by a duly authorized representative of ICE MEDIA LTD.

COLOUR Magazine advertising insertion orders and material should be sent to COF. Please see The ICE MEDIA Magazine rate card for magazine colour and black and white material and mechanical requirements.
If your advertisement is a repeat of an ad published within 90 days, you may e-mail COF an insertion order with the repeat date along with a copy of the original ad, specifying the date the original ad ran, page number, description and original reservation number.
Please do not direct any original insertion orders to your account manager (which could result in the ads missing a deadline). How- ever, you can e-mail a copy of the insertion order to your account manager for his or her records. Deadlines for reservations, insertion order and material submission are contained in the back of the rate card.

If you have any questions after placing your reservation, COF (+8802) ------- or --------  is available to help you deal with advertising reservations, material processing and billing information, including:
  • Ad changes
  • Contract, rate and billing information
  • Deadline and material specification inquiries
  • Electronic transmission questions
Electronic submission of industry standard ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR AND CORAL DRAW files is preferred for black and white newspaper material. ICE MEDIA LTD also accept advertising material via e-mail; however files can be transmitted at no charge through our Web site, icemedia.net. This site also contains additional information on electronic ad submission, including other transmission options and file settings, or you can call COF at (+8802) -------and  to reach a Customer Service Representativeor a Mrketing Rep. Please make sure to submit your insertion order for all electronic files.
Material for color newspaper advertisements must be delivered in digital format or electronically transmitted. We cannot accept film for color advertisements. For more information on color ads, please go to icemedia.net or call our IMR.
All color materials for ICE MEDIA LTD Magazine should be uploaded to: ICE TODAY
All color materials for book should be uploaded to:

Color submissions for ICE MEDIA LTD MagazineS or may also be sent directly to:


Display Advertising

A full broadsheet display advertising page is based on a 6-column by 21-inch advertising unit, or 126 column inches. Display advertisements are billed based on the larger of the reserved or supplied copy dimensions. The precise dimensions of the published advertisements may vary by a few percentage points from the supplied material due to the electronic transmission and reproduction processes.

How to Calculate the Cost of an Ad
Determine the Size of the Ad. Display ad cost is based upon the ad size stated in column inches. Column inches are calculated by multiplying the number of columns of the ad by its depth (inches).
Include any Special Discounts or Premiums. For example, if the ad was in color or in a special layout position, you would add the appropriate color or position premium.
Miscellaneous Advertising Rates apply to all display advertising categories not listed in this or other rate cards and to certain display advertisements ordered outside the banner or section. If you have questions regarding your display ad, please call an Advertising Account Manager or COF at (212) 556-7777 and press 3.

Nonstandard advertising units will be charged 10% above the column inch rate. Units must conform to column width specifications; position cannot be assured.
Display advertisements more than 18" deep will occupy the full column depth and be charged accordingly. Minimum size is one column inch for all display advertising unless otherwise stated.
Classified advertisements are charged on a line count basis, and not any other standard of measurement.

Display on FULL PAGE Advertising

Credit and Payment Terms

Advertisements must be paid for prior to publication deadline unless credit has been established by the advertiser and/or agency with ICE MEDIA LTD. However, certain advertising categories will require prepayment as specified in the rate cards. Acceptable forms of prepayment are MONEY RECIPTS, or agency guaranteed check.
Advertisers or agencies wishing to establish credit with ICE MEDIA LTD must request a credit application from ICE MEDIA Credit Department. Application requests can be made by e-mail (-----------) or online at nytmediakit.com or nytadvertising.com. Click on GET STARTED, AGENCY/CREDIT APPLICATION in the right margin.

Agency Recognition and Commission

Commission of 15% will be granted only to recognized advertising agencies. Application for agency recognition must be made with The ICE MEDIA LT. Applications are available upon request

General Policies and Rate Information

Advertising accepted by ICE MEDIA LTD is subject to all terms and conditions contained herein. Forwarding of an order by the advertiser constitutes acceptance by the advertiser of all rates and conditions that exist when the advertising is sold by ICE MEDIA LTD, and those of subsequent rate cards. Forwarding of an advertising order also indicates acceptance of the advertising acceptability policies of ICE MEDIA LTD. In the event of a conflict between the advertiser's order and the rate card, the rate card shall govern.
The terms and conditions of this rate card and all subsequent rate cards are incorporated into every advertising contract between ICE MEDIA LTD and the advertiser and/or agency. Submission of advertising subsequent to the receipt of such a contract constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract.

Contracts and Copy Regulations

The rate card level applicable to an advertiser is determined by the advertiser's projected volume during a 12-month contract period. Our COF Department will provide the advertiser or agency with ICE MEDIA LTD contract for signature.
Contract requests must specify a definite beginning date and are subject to a rate card effective when the contract begins and subsequent rate card increases and modifications. Volume and frequency contract discounts will be earned only on advertising inserted within a 12-month period. Additionally, a contract is applicable to ads placed within a single advertising category.
Completed applications should be returned to ICE MEDIA LTD redit Department for evaluation of credit standing. If credit is granted, ICE MEDIA LTD will establish a credit limit and applicable payment terms. Advertisers and agencies granted credit will be billed monthly for published advertisements, as is determined by the category of advertising and established credit terms. Payment is due 15 days after the invoice date.
The advertiser and agency shall be jointly and severally liable to ICE MEDIA LTD for the payment. Cash discounts are not available.
Insertion orders containing disclaimers will not be accepted by ICE MEDIA LTD. Get in touch with ICE MEDIA LTD Department by phone (-------------), fax (---------), e-mail (--------------) or online at ICEMEDIA.NET
ICE MEDIA LTD reserves the right to issue new rate cards and to revise its rates in writing, effective no less than five (5) days after distribution of the new rate card and/or of written notice of rate changes to the address of the advertisers or agency stated in a contract.
Advertising not paid for in compliance with credit policies will not be included when calculating the final earned rate and is not eligible for volume and frequency discounts.
Contracts can be voided at ICE MEDIA LTD discretion unless space is used within 30 days from the effective date.
The volume discount levels for display advertising are based on 126 column inches per broadsheet page or 65 column inches per Book Review page. Volume discount levels for classified and display on classified advertising are based on number of lines or frequency of insertion, as noted in the rate card for the applicable category.
For frequency contracts, multiple insertions of the same ad on a single MONTH count as one insertion for contract fulfillment, unless otherwise specified.
Magazine FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENTS will be credited toward fulfillment of contracts. See ICE TODAY Magazine rate card for details or contact your account manager.
Each advertising entity will establish a separate advertising contract with each publication ICEMEDIA LTD. Corporate affiliates are not automatically entitled to the contract benefits of each other.

Copy Regulations
The advertiser and the advertising agency jointly grant to ICE MEDIA LTD the nonexclusive worldwide perpetual right and license to publish the advertisement in ICE MEDIA LTD Magazines, including in print and in any other format or media now known or later devised, whether or not such advertisement may be individually accessed, perceived or retrieved from such form or media. In addition, the advertiser and the advertising agency assume liability, jointly and severally, for all content (including text representations and illustrations) of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against ICE MEDIA LTD. Advertiser acknowledges that ICE MEDIA LTD owns a collective copyright in and to the selection, coordination and arrangement of the content of the MAGAZINES, including any advertisements it publishes. Advertiser agrees that to the extent ICE MEDIA LTD deems it necessary, advertiser is obligated to cooperate and/or participate in any enforcement by The ICE MEDIA of The ICE MEDIA's copyrights. ICE MEDIA LTD shall carry the appropriate copyright notice in its name. The advertiser and the advertising agency agree, jointly and severally, to indemnify and hold ICE MEDIA LTD AND ITS MAGAZINES harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees), liabilities and damages arising in any way from publication of any advertisement placed by the advertiser or the advertising agency. ICE MEDIA LTD will not be bound by any special clauses relating to legal liability, circulation guarantees or any other condition in contracts or insertion orders that conflict with its policies, unless ICE MEDIA LTD has specifically agreed in writing. ICE MEDIA LTD accepts no liability for its failure, for any cause, to insert an advertisement. ICE MEDIA LTD accepts no liability for reductions in distribution, caused by acts of God, strikes, labor disputes, suspension of publication, failure of transportation or any other cause beyond its control. ICE MEDIA LTD accepts no liability for any error in advertisement caused by it, except for the cost of the space actually occupied by the error. In order to qualify for an allowance, claims for errors must be made to COF within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Credit for errors is allowed only for the first insertion. ICE MEDIA LTD will make the final determination on the amount, if any, of a credit allowance.
Two or more separate advertisements may not be submitted to fill a single standard unit space. For split run advertising information, please contact your account manager.
Cancellation of orders over the telephone will be accepted subject to written confirmation by the advertiser the same day. Advertising orders with or without reproduction material must be accompanied by identifying copy. Drawing, art and articles for reproduction are accepted at advertiser's risk and should contain an identifying mark to facilitate return. ICE MEDIA LTD shall not be responsible and does not assume any liability for damage or loss to original printing material supplied.
ICE MEDIA LTD reserves the right to revise or reject advertisements in accordance with standards of acceptability of ICE MEDIA LTD, to lighten or change type and borders, or to omit advertisements without notice. Placement of advertising is at ICE MEDIA LTD's discretion.

Advertising Acceptability Guidelines

Please see page 3, How to Order a Display Ad, for information on submitting advertising material to ICE MEDIA LTD.
For additional information on electronic ad submission, including transmission options and file settings, visit our Web site at -----------.
1)  Color newspaper ads must be submitted in digital format and sent via electronic transmission or on disk. Please visit our Web site at ---------- for specifications on creating color ads for any of Ice media ltd's magazines.

Advertising Acceptability Guidelines

The ICE MEDIA LTD maintains an Advertising Acceptability Department whose function is to examine advertisements before publication to determine if they meet the standards of acceptability ICE MEDIA LTD has developed over the years.
ICE MEDIA LTD may decline to accept advertising that is misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent; that makes unfair competitive claims; or that fails to comply with its standards of decency and dignity.
If an advertisement contains statements or illustrations that are not deemed acceptable, and that ICE MEDIA LTD thinks should be changed or eliminated, the advertiser will be notified. ICE MEDIA LTD will attempt to negotiate changes with the advertiser; however, if changes cannot be negotiated, the advertisement will be declined by ICE MEDIA LTD.
In addition, an advertisement must sometimes be amended because of the applicability of laws dealing with such matters as libel, copyright and trademark, the right to privacy, the sale of securities, the sale of real estate and political advertising.

General Information

For questions or additional information regarding advertising in magazines of ICE MEDIA LTD, please visit our Web site at -------, or call ICE MEDIA LTD Advertising Department or contact
All ads supplied to OUR MAGAZINES should have a minimum of ---% dot in the highlight and a maximum of ----% dot in the shadow area. Any part of the ad not intended to print solid black should be created with a maximum ----% screen.
A minimum of ---% contrast between foreground and background is recommended.
Type should be kept at a minimum of -- pt. for standard or ---pt. for reverse. All type intended to print solid black should be set at a 100% black. Surprinted type should be solid black and contrasted against ---% black screen or less. Reverse or knockout type should be --% (white) type on a ---% screen or higher. Fine serif typefaces should be avoided; use ---pt. minimum for standard type or ---- pt. minimum for reverse.
All ads are reduced between ----% and ----% when printed.
For additional assistance with material specifications, please call COF OR YOUR ADVERTISING ACCOUNTS MANAGER at ----------
ICE MEDIA LTD maintains clear separation between news and editorial matter and its advertisements. Accordingly, ads that include elements usually associated with ICE MEDIA LTD editorial matter will not be accepted (for example, but not limited to: ICE MEDIA LTD MAGAZINES-style headlines, bylines, news-style column arrangements or typography). Additionally, The ICE MEDIA LTD reserves the right to label an advertisement with the word "advertisement" when, in its opinion, this is necessary to make clear the distinction between editorial material and advertising.
For more detailed information, please download the Advertising Acceptability Booklet from "ad specs" section under "newspaper" bar at ----------, or contact the Advertising Acceptability Department at ------- COF at ----------

Closing Times

For MONTHLY Color Display Advertising**
Date of Publication
Sunday through Thursday
Reservations* — Due by 5:00 pm
15 business days prior to issue date
4 color and black & white — Saddle Stitch
Part 2 — 4 Color and Black & White — Perfect Bound & Saddle Stitch
Closings — Materials Due by 10:00 am***
— 9 days prior of issue date

Insertion Order

Advertiser Name --------------------------------------------------
Agency Name --------------------------------------------------
Reservation # --------------------------------------------------
Date / Day of Insertion(s) --------------------------------------------------
Section / Position --------------------------------------------------
Ad Size --------------------------------------------------
BW / Color --------------------------------------------------
Ad Description --------------------------------------------------
Material Contact Name E-mail Reservation Contact Name E-mail  
Rate Cost  
Billing Address  
Signature --------------------------------------------------
MAGAZINE: --------------------------------------------------
Customer Order Fulfillment Department  
Acct # --------------------------------------------------
Acct # --------------------------------------------------
Phone # Phone # --------------------------------------------------
Date --------------------------------------------------

Advertising Management