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In the Midst of Maestros

Aumia Khundkar and Tamzidur Rahman are thrilled to announce Bengal Classical Music Festival's return

ICE Glamour Index

ICE Glamour Index


The First Bite

Aidha Cader looks into wedding food from across the globe

Into the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta

The legendary 14th Century explorer who travelled across the world has captured the imagination of many.

Hangout Places in Dhaka

Tangy Tastes

Auman and Tobin visit Hakka Dhaka to investigate the new talk of the ....

Heaven on Earth

Naveed Islam gives you the inside scoop on the newest restaurant in t....

Hangout Places in Dhaka

Events list of October 2014

Events list of October 2014

Events list of September 2014

Events list of September 2014

Hangout Places in Dhaka

Her Rise to Stardom

Prosun Azad shares her experiences as a past Lux Channel-i Superstar ....

Rendezvous with Mrs. Vandana Luthra

Mehrin Chowdhury in conversation with the founder of VLCC products an....

Hangout Places in Dhaka


ICE Today showcases works by local talents and more

The Bigger Picture

Aumia Khundkar and Naveed Islam talks to the master painter, Syed Jah....

  Gitanjali Wedding Festival 2012   Gitanjali Wedding Festival 2012